The idea of ​​creating the “Alley of Tolerance” arose as a result of meetings held with various ethnic groups living in the city of Varna. According to these meetings, we decided that a common unifying center “Alley of Tolerance” was needed.

We have chosen the park, in the district of Asparuhovo, in which we will set up a cultural and attractive center for holding various events uniting the ethnic groups.

To have tolerance – there must be knowledge, openness, communication and freedom of thought, conscience and convictions.

Our goal is for the space to become a center for diverse activities and initiatives (children’s, youth, cultural, educational, sports, etc.), uniting the tolerant spirit of different cultures and ethnicities.

BERR Varna works on a social project for the integration of disadvantaged people.

In Bulgaria there are over 550,000 people with over 75% of disability. This is more than 7-8% of the population.

The task we have set ourselves in this project is to meet people from business with people in a disadvantaged position. We join a mission that gives voice to the problems in our society by building a bridge of trust between the two sides.

We can only help disabled people who are looking for opportunities for professional growth. For this purpose, we must be able to provide them with the best environment for development and the best specialists to achieve this.

Let’s create an attitude and a desire to support and help each one of us, to people with special needs.

The Neighborhood Citizens project is an information platform that seeks to bring together the potential of citizens, institutions and businesses to transform the spaces in front of their homes and offices into better places to live.

Areas affected in the platform include:

– Protection of the environment;

– Protection of family values;

– Manifestation and development of personal potential;

– Stimulation of civic self-awareness;

– Citizens’ access to experts in various spheres of social life

“Citizens of the neighborhood” is our mission for change.

Varna is our home. We are Family. Do good! Transform and transform the environment in which you live and work! Start from your place and pass on!

BERR is working on a project to retrieve the sunken submarine UB1-8 (in front of the mouth of the “Kamchia” river in Bulgarian Territorial waters). The goal of the project is to turn UB1-8 into a museum exhibit and store it in the Varna Naval Museum. To be available for visits and to remind Bulgarians of the glory of the navy in our history.

THE ORIGINAL IDEA BELONGS TO ADMIRAL MANUSHEV since 2011. Then some preliminary measures were taken to remove the stern part of the submarine.

During World War I, there were only two submarines of the UB1-8 type. One Bulgarian and the other German.

By preserving something so precious for generations, we nurture and pass on the emotional value of the importance of the Navy during those difficult war years. In which the Bulgarian flag was not defeated.

National Sports Cluster is a young organization. It was created in 2022.

Our mission is to create a comprehensive system for entrepreneurship in the sports sector, through the exchange of practices and ideas between stakeholders (entrepreneurs, sports clubs, institutions, society) and to provide the best solutions to improve sustainability and efficiency in the development of sports.

The priorities of the association are the need for sports facilities, funding for projects, for European and international programs and the need for qualified personnel.

For our purpose, we need the help and support of established clusters in the field of sports from all over the world. We wish to learn the best practices implemented by you.

The goals of the National Sports Cluster are related to the support and development of sports, work at an expert level for the definition and implementation of specific innovative practices.