The NGO “Bulgarian Experts for Regional Development” is an independent Bulgarian organization that works in partnership with governmental, non-governmental, international organizations and individuals to strengthen the private sector, civil society and democratic institutions in the country.

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Our strength are the people – the teams of talents that are the basis for BERR to work for success.


Expert advice

Our expert council consists of a creative group whose goal is to support the implementation of investment projects through small and medium-sized businesses at the regional level. Another important thing she is doing is helping to build partnerships in BERR’s social network.

Diverse friends / students shoot


Our highest priority is the young and their growth as individuals and successful people. For them we will implement trainings in entrepreneurship and personal development, sports events, as well as work in groups with mentors in order to create an environment of people like ourselves, and together to get to the next level in our development.

Civil rights

Through access to experts and administration, we protect civil and human rights, uphold ethical principles and social norms. We stand behind people and their rights and freedoms, and we believe that everyone should have an opinion and be free in every area of ​​life. We also believe that the protection of human rights necessarily depends to the greatest extent on mechanisms at the national level.


social activity

A society cannot exist and develop without an adequate social environment. We at BERD understand this, and direct a huge part of our resources to its improvement, prioritizing the protection of family values, protection of the environment, as well as the development of the individual in order to support prosperity. Because only with the personal contribution of the individual can society prosper.


Are you ready to leave a mark? Do you want to deal with significant projects? Do you want to have solid support from professional colleagues who are ready to help you at any time? This is us in BERR. We boldly look to the future and together we build a better tomorrow.

And in you we see the future.


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